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to train a horse well and properly, one must first grasp its essence.

Only those who are prepared with the utmost determination to meet horses with empathy, respect and devotion will motivate them to excellence and is able to achieve sustainable success.


The uncompromising horse-oriented education - also in view of the long-term health of the animal - are one of the foundations of my training philosophy.

Only happy, healthy and content horses are cooperative and willing!

This is my claim, and the quintessence of many years as a successful competition rider and trainer.


Granted: It's a long way, but it is worth going it. Read below what I was able to achieve with my philosophy.




Monika Ulsamer


Professional career


Qualifications and achievements as a trainer and competition rider:

Successful competition rider for more than two decades, from the Federal Championships to International Grand Prix, awarded with the "Goldenes Reitabzeichen" and longtime - and currently - member of the dressage squad of the Bavarian Riding Association. Participation in advanced training courses for B-Squad members in Warendorf with Jan Bemelmans, Siegfried Peilicke and Jürgen Koschel.


Ongoing professional development through training courses with top coaches like Hermann Goesmeier, Michael Putz, Philipp Becker, Martin Schaudt that take place partly on my estate.


Successful completion of the Bavarian Championships and accomplishments up to Grand Prix Special with "Bowie", gelding of "Bordeaux", "Aquamarin", gelding, of "Accent I" and currently a Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special victory with "Watch Me" gelding of "Wolkenstein II"


I have been training a long line of horses from a young age until advanced level dressage or Grand Prix and presented them successfully - and internationally - such as:


"Watch Me", Gelding, of "Wolkenstein II",

winner of the 6-year-old dressage horses in Süddt. Championships, Nördlingen,

qualified for the National Championships,

6th place in the final of "Stars of Tomorrow" and

2014 victories in Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special;


current S-level dressage series winner "Amicelli";

"Pirano Forte" (Multiple Bavarian champion, qualified for the National Championships);

"Paso Doble" (multiple Süddt. Champion, 3rd place National Championships).